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 Maxon is currently seeking an Embedded Development Engineer   Maxon Australia has a strong reputation for developing high end industrial-grade te

Maxon has worked with a broad range of corporate, government and industrial clients throughout the Asia Pacific Region in industries such as energy, water, waste, automation, security, agriculture, transport & logistics. Maxon has an enviable reputation of developing innovative solutions that deliver significant cost savings and increased business efficiency. 


Do you have legacy equipment?

More and more of our clients are becoming increasingly concerned about the looming decision they will soon have to make to replace tens of thousands of dollars worth of control equipment which they may consider to be out of date; may be approachi

Rail Solution - 2G to 3G

State owned rail company for regional railway in Australia utilises rail crossing controllers to monitor the health and status of mechanism functionality and alarms such as railway crossing signals/lights/ bells and the malfunctioning of the