Local Council Infrastructure Solution

A single 3G Modem was required for different applications within a local Council infrastructure. Each of these applications were very specific in their operations. One application monitored ground water bores, which required real-time notifications of water levels. The second application was the council sports grounds, whereby the stadium lights were required to be turned off & on at a predetermined scheduled time to conserve energy. 

Maxon’s Engineering Team evaluated the Council’s requirements in depth and deployed the Smartmax 3G Industrial Router. A specific utility protocol was integrated into the Smartmax Modem.

The Smartmax Solution provided a proactive insight to manage and identify any excess water leakage within their system to reduce losses. These key utility measurements can now be remotely monitored and managed within the clients network. 

The Digital Input and Output features of the Smartmax allowed the council to efficiently schedule the lights at the sports grounds to be turned on and off at the appropriate times. Maxon’s online management portal was the ideal companion to manage this feature from a tablet or smartphone.

Maxon provided technical support and direction throughout the implementation of the customised solution. Maxon collaborated with the client to provide a total package that included services & solutions for a quick, cost-effective and streamlined implementation.