Utilities - 2G to 3G Solution 

A major utilities infrastructure provider with almost 30,000km of gas pipelines required a significant upgrade to their SCADA network which utilised 2G modems and RTU’s for remote monitoring.

The challenge of changing the sites from 2G to 3G was a significant one as many of these sites were located in remote areas making access and reliability important factors in their decision.

Once the system; which required the use of DNP3 protocol digital, digital and analogue inputs to monitor gas pressure, was developed and tested, Maxon pre-configured each modem and also provided the firmware necessary for final site specific configuration. In addition, Maxon also provided a training program for the technicians to teach them how to integrate the equipment.

In addition to product reliability, aiding the final decision was a significant cost saving (approx. $200,000) as a result of using the Maxon solution. This was due to the comms being customised to work with the existing RTU’s – therefore avoiding the need to also replace these RTU’s.

“Maxon are very good to work …They’re enthusiastic and have a can-do attitude. They ultimately offered two alternatives – giving us choice and savings; the Smartmax modem integrated with existing RTU’s and a customized cable, or, a complete stand-alone package with new firmware.”