2G to 3G Solution - Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is an import factor in Australia’s energy market and economy. As a result the need to monitor and the ability to diagnose devices remotely is essential. 

Our client was utilising 2G communications to monitor the process devices that are housed inside the wind turbines. These devices monitor the condition of the rotor bearings and gearbox bearings as well as monitor the temperature to prevent any catastrophic failure from occuring.

In order to transition from 2G to 3G communications, Maxon worked with our client to configure new AT commands and modify the firmware to allow the clients legacy equipment communicate via an Intelimax 3G HSPA+ Modem.

The client carried out testing of the Intelimax modem and was extremely happy with its suitability and reliabilty.  

With the recent cuts in Governement funding to the renewable energy sector, this solution proved cost effective and was in line with the clients updated budget restrictions.

Our client is now utilising the same technology to monitor various large scale equipment with rotating mechanisms in the mining and construction industries.