FINANCE - Fixed & Portable ATM Solution 

Maxon’s ATM solution can provide both tier one and tier two banking customers with remote and portable ATM solutions. Together with our ATM solutions partner we deliver innovative high volume ATM products with several hundred ATM’s leased out to retail and commercial concerns throughout metro & country Australia.

Maxon has developed a solution to monitor outages or faults within the ATM machine which has allowed our customers to implement cash management functions including forecasts, deliveries and disputes which saved them time and money.

In order to improve the logistics of installation, reduce associated costs and increase security through a dedicated encrypted network connection, the ATM can be quickly installed in any location without the need for fixed line connectivity.

This solution is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to fixed line connectivity. In addition, it is now evolving to include 4G connectivity.



  • Ease of installation simplifies logistics and associate costs
  • Highly secure with dedicated network connection and encrypted links
  • High availability and redundant connections for increased uptime
  • Real time monitoring of ATM and communications system with remote resets
  • Data management facility to enable the customer to provide case management including forecasts, deliveries and dispute resolution