SECURITY - Mobile Security Solution 

A major hurdle for a Mobile Security Cameras client was a limitation of knowledge and understanding about networks, IP and 3G and 4G. Apart from speed, critical attributes they required for their applications were reliability and durability.

Maxon provided the Unimax+ router for evaluation which proved itself as a reliable device that was capable of sending high definition video footage over a 3G/4G connection. This enabled controllers to capture an armed holdup in a car park at Sydney University and was the key to investigation of an accident at a highway Stop-Go control point.

Four years down the track they have mobile security trailers in the field throughout NSW and QLD where they are in demand with mining companies, the gas sector, road construction and the security industry. All of the trailers include a Maxon device for full remote access.

The client has utilised this solution as an opportunity to expand their solution offering.

“Maxon is more than a supplier; from day one the support they have provided has been fantastic. If I have a problem or need to do something a bit different that I don’t understand, they are always prepared to research and develop tailored solutions.”