Refrigeration Solution 

Maxon’s retail and commercial refrigeration solution provides critical monitoring, control and optimization of refrigeration systems. Together with our refrigeration solutions provider, Maxon provides remote 3G/4G communications and remote alarms to ensure that perishable goods are preserved.

The intelligent refrigeration controller provides temperature PID control, energy saving, proactively controls and monitors the system, provides data analysis and also effectively manages the scheduling of maintenance and service operations.

Due to the importance of its functions and the information managed, the proposed Maxon solution guarantees absolute reliability and security of data. The system can be configured to send alerts to notify of any malfunctions, temperature or humidity variance, and power outages. Remotely configurable via an easy to use web interface, the user can program temperature control parameters, activity schedules, and other setup parameters, and also recover daily reports.


  • Energy saving optimised solution
  • Bundled IP services for enhanced security and remote access
  • Cloud-based device monitoring portal for intelligently monitoring several devices at multiple locations through a ‘single pane’ of management