BROADCAST - 2G to 3G Solution 

A major Australian broadcaster utilises communication devices where multiple set boxes are installed in residential and commercial environments. The devices are used to transfer data, monitor the functionality of the set top boxes and as well as monitor subscriptions, obtain viewing statistics and upgrade set boxes. 

Our client required a solution to upgrade communications devices from 2G modems to 3G and furthermore. transition from CSD to PSD communications. This upgrade would enable and prolong the service life of current control equipment which if were to be changed, would be done so at a significant cost per unit. 

Maxon offered the client two solutions which were dependent upon the remote side software supported or did not IP to connect to remote devices. 

Both solutions utilised the Intelimax 3G Serial modem - our technical team developed a suitable solution that in the absence of IP connectivity, the transition from CSD to IP required the use of Modem Emulation. In the event that IP connectivity was supported, the Intelimax was coupled with a maXwan static IP and maXvpn solution.