Line Fault Indicator Solution

The development of unique line fault indicators by Maxon was an integral part in major energy provider being able to slash blackout times and dramatically improve safety within their network.

The solution, powered by state of the art Smartmax 3G modem, allows for remote monitoring and the ability to accurately identify line faults in the network, sending reports back to the control room within 20 seconds – reducing the need for service men to try and locate faults during blackouts and during challenging weather conditions, thus improving response times.

Prior to this solution our client relied on the reporting of blackouts by customers, a service crew would then be allocated from the nearest depot to fix the fault. If it continued to trip they would then have to patrol tens of kilometres of line searching for the fault’s location.

The real advantage being minimal downtime and the remote web interface. Now, all configurations can be carried out remotely.

A critical evaluation of alternative 3G modems by our client saw Maxon win out again when the time came to replace the CDMA system. Once Maxon’s Smartmax 3G modem’s were in use in the field, our client were confident of the device’s reliability and intelligence and made them perfect for other applications.