Water Monitoring Solution

Our client, a principle water and waste services’ supplier in Western Australia has activities, spanning across more than 2.5 million square kilometres and a $14B asset base including water supply, wastewater drainage infrastructure and bulk water for irrigation.

Previously, employees physically attended the sites and measured the water height with a tape measure. This new automated solution enabled remote monitoring and measurement of rainfall events.  Efficiencies were gained through operational and logistical improvements, data accuracy as well as timeliness of that data. The Smartmax, with its two-way communication ability, its ability to easily integrate to sensors and control equipment, its ability to be updated remotely and also withstand the on-going high temperatures in unwelcoming environments, was the perfect solution.

Maxon willingly worked along side our client to provide a solution that integrated the Smartmax 3G modem with their Digital SDI-12 interface. With a pressure device attached to the Smartmax, the device logs readings every 10 minutes in order to capture water heights, and the rate in which the heights were reached. The Smartmax, a logging and communications device all rolled into one, enables the flexibility for the data to be collected via a web browser facilitated by the IP address function. 

Furthermore, Maxon tailored a firmware specifically to produce a text file, store it in the modem and transmit as FTP to a dedicated server every 24 hours. Maxon provided test units and kept modifying the firmware until our clients were 100% happy that the modifications met the clients’ specific requirements.

Deployed in 115 sites across a vast and varying terrain, this critical information is now readily available to assist in determining a range of requirements including such things as catchment and drainage needs for development. As the solution provided by Maxon was delivered in a customised format, the client is also able to utilise the solution for other applications.  

The financial result was yet another plus for our client as they were  able to halve their annual cost of monitoring water levels.