Irrigation Solution


About the application

Our client is an automation integrator working alongside various city councils. The integrator develops total irrigation solutions for large scale parks and gardens.


Past issues

In the past council workers and park rangers have had to attend each property to monitor the park and set timers for sprinklers and irrigations systems. This was a timely and costly exercise each day.


The solution

Maxon Australia worked along side the integrator to provide the communications to enable the councils to; monitor their irrigations applications in real time, monitor the diagnostics of the overall system. Program and access control switches to sprinkler systems. The Intelimax+ serial modem was used to monitor the application and diagnostics and the Unimax+ was supplied to connect to control equipment via Ethernet connectivity to provide the communications required in order to remotely program the irrigation systems which was accessed via maXconnect an online management portal.



Our client is now integrating this system across all of the councils and properties it consults for and continues to partner with Maxon in developing new innovations for these applications with the goal of saving money and resources.


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