Maxon was a multinational company first in 1989, the company transitioned from a multinational to a privately held Australian company in 1999 and has continued to be owned by the current directors since that time and is now based in Sydney Australia.

Maxon has a long and enviable history of pioneering cutting edge wireless communication solutions for governments, major corporates and industrial giants. Maxon has significant background capabilities and experience in wireless R&D, design, development and manufacture of high quality, rugged and reliable intelligent industrial modems and routers.
Maxon now focuses its direction on professional services and solutions which include cloud based online management systems, 3G and 4G wireless devices and Zigbee Mesh networking products to take our offering to a broad array of M2M customers.

Our core point of difference is our ability to customise our products to specifically suit the needs of our clients; we produce solutions that are not available from off the shelf suppliers. Our background knowledge and experience and understanding of our customers’ coupled with over 20 years of R&D experience delivering cutting edge solutions that allow integrators to reduce cost of implementation and deliver innovative features sets us apart from the competition.

Wireless data and solutions development has been a major focus of our company since 1990 progressing through evolutions of crystal controlled and synthesized RF data modems, CDMA circuit switch and packet data technologies and since 2006, 3G cellular and now 4G and Mesh network technology.

Today, Maxon is one of the few Australian companies developing hardware to operate on wireless networks.

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With a long history of pioneering communication products, Maxon's future is focused on wireless connectivity and cloud based management  solutions with a concentration on the machine to machine market. Developing custom cellular communication and mesh networking devices for a wide range of market segments including Utility metering, Security monitoring, Digital signage and Vehicle telematics covering a broad range of M2M and SCADA operations. Maxon’s devices offer a choice and combination of serial, ethernet and usb interfaces.


Maxon also offers customised Technical Expertise and Professional Services to support our products and solutions, we can assist you with getting your application to market fast. Choose Maxon to ensure success.

Significant Milestones :

1994 - Supply Royal Australian Navy with military band Two Way Radios

1995 - Supply Vietnam 5th Military Zone TwoWay Radio Systems

1996 - Provided Royal Malaysian Navy with Two Way Radio Systems 

1997 - Supply Two Way Radio communications for King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

1999 - Transition from Multi National to 100% Australian owned

2000 - Development of CDMA modems for M2M Market

2004 - Australia’s first CDMA USB modem developed

2005 - Telstra vendor contract for CDMA modems awarded to Maxon Australia

2005 - Maxon Australia wins a Sales Appreciation Award for “Excellent Achievement in Australia 

2006 - Telstra Vendor Award finalist – Excellence in service delivery

2006 - Maxon Australia awarded BigPond contract for CDMA PCMCIA Cards and external modems

2007 - Maxon supplies Telstra and BigPond Next G modems

2009 - Maxon Australia signs Distribution Agreement with Huawei for M2M HSPA PCI Modules.

2011 - Maxon Australia become Sierra Wireless distributor for generic AirCard products

2010 – Maxon produces one of Australia’s most popular industrial modems the Modmax

2011 – Maxon in partnership with Essential Energy produces the Smartmax Industrial modem 

2012 – Maxon produces the Intelimax advanced featured industrial modem 

2013 - Maxon releases maXconnect - the revolutionary cloud based M2M portal 

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Maxon Australia Pty Ltd is a privately Australian owned company established in 1989 and continues to maintain a reputable position in the Australian market as a leader of innovative wireless solutions to an enviable list of corporate and industrial clients.

Maxon is a specialist company that has been at the forefront of design and manufacture within the RF and Cellular Device market in Australia, especially in the M2M market segment.

Maxon has developed its business model over the past decades from being a provider of two way and RF data radio technology, modems and routers and presently 3G & 4G technologies in an ever evolving landscape of device offerings for both the corporate and industrial markets. 

As our range broadens Maxon is confident that we continue to meet the requirements of most industry sectors that utilise M2M capabilities. Our customers work closely with us so that we can provide custom solutions to meet their requirements.

Our Vision

By 2017 - To be recognised as the leader of innovative, high quality and reliable M2M products and services.

Our Purpose

Exceeding our customers’ expectations on a daily basis by working closely with them to deliver specialised M2M products and services.


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