In this scenario; the client manages various council parks, gardens, playgrounds and sporting fields.

There is an irrigation system set up whereby storm water is utilised for irrigation via underground storage tanks.

The water goes down the drain and is pumped into into a storage tank. It is then pumped through a filtration system and into another storage tank and sent to sprinklers.

Where do we fit in?

At the pump there is an Intelimax lite serial modem connected to the pump controller. This allows the user to access and monitor the pump controller in real time, monitor the health and diagnostics of the pump.

A Smartmax serial modem with SDI-12 capabilities is connected to sensors inside the storage tanks which allows data outlining the water levels and the water quality to be sent to a central location. Furthermore if parameters are set in relation to levels and qualities, warnings can be transmitted via email or ams by the modem to a designated person/s.

The Unimax+ with I/O capabilities is connected to the control room and is utilised to remotely access the sprinkler system. Allowing the user to turn them on and off or program specific times.

The client has maXwan - static IP address and is connected to the devices via maXvpn's secure virtual private network. Devices are all managed via maXconnect - an online management portal that can access, monitor and control the devices in real time from virtually anywhere 24/7.

This is one of many ways Maxon Australia can work with you to deliver solutions. We pride ourselves in our success and experience with customisation of both firmware and hardware for our clients. 

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