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Friday, 21 March 2014 02:16

Maxon Australia specialises in custom solutions.

Whether it be a specific firmware tailored to suit your application or producing a hardware solution in a controlmax enclosure. We work closely with our customers to meet their specific needs.

Recently, one of our customers was approached by a water treatment company with a scenario whereby aggressive acid fumes were adversely affecting the performance of a modem out in the field. Maxon replaced the modem with the Intelimax serial modem. In order to replace the modem, certain enhancements and changes were necessary to make the Intelimax compatible with the data logging equipment being used. Within a month Maxon provided a new firmware specifically compatible with the equipment.

Another customer required a solution for their power meters. The current set up was unable to house the modem they were using. Maxon provided a compact IP Rated enclosure that housed the modem and power supply that could be discretely mounted providing access to specific connectivity options.

Maxon prides itself in developing its own modems; this allows us to accomodate our customers requirements including customisation. Our in house personnel are trained to tweak, change and develop the necessary changes to meet customers needs. T

Modem Emulation

Sunday, 02 March 2014 23:26



Modem emulation assists in the transition from Circuit Switched Data (CSD) to Packet Switched Data/IP (PSD). If the control center management system supports IP but the field devices only support dialing back to the control center using CSD, then you can use the Intelimax to emulate the CSD modem interface. The Intelimax can also be configured to act as an IP stack server for incoming connections if necessary.

Dialing Process

From the perspective of the field device it will dial out a CSD data call like it always has, except the Intelimax will instead establish an IP stack client connection to the server. For example the field equipment may dial the following string: ‘ATDT0412123456’, then wait for the connection to be established by receiving a ‘CONNECT’ message. The Intelimax can be configured to establish an IP stack client connection to one of several different server IP addresses depending on the number dialed.

Intelimax Configuration

The Intelimax must be configured in IP stack auto server or IP stack manual server mode. This configuration can be made using the Intelimax GUI or via AT commands. If the Intelimax is in IP stack manual mode then it will only connect to the network when it receives the ATDT command via serial and will drop the connection when the call is hung up (+++, ATH). If the Intelimax is in IP stack auto mode (server) then it will act as an IP stack server (and therefore could be addressed remotely) until it receives the dial out commands.

Intelimax AT Command Configuration

The Intelimax modem emulation can be configured using the following AT commands:

To enable modem emulation and add a data number to IP address and port number emulation to the list

  • at$$emul=1,phone_number,IP_address,port_number
  • e.g. at$$emul=1,01044204414,,5000

To check current emulation list (must have already enabled emulation)

  • at$$emul?

$$EMUL: 1,3

To Enable/Disable Modem Emulation – this must be enabled on the server Intelimax for CONNECT message

  • at$$emul=0,0 – disable
  • at$$emul=0,1 - enable

To delete a rule from the list

  • at$$emul=2,list_number
  • e.g. at$$emul=2,1

$$EMUL: 1,2

Intelimax GUI Update

Tuesday, 18 February 2014 00:02







  • Auto recovery when no TCP connection
  • Auto-refresh in serial connection
  • Baud rate detection for serial connection
  • Can connect to URL as well as IP address for remote TCP connection
  • Automatic device connection on LAN
  • Added FTP configuration option
  • Added maXconnect configuration support (from FW 0.0.94)
  • Added modem emulation (from FW 0.1.56)
  • AT over IP option (from FW 0.1.56)
  • SMS on boot feature (from FW 0.1.56)
  • Reordered the settings tabs and changed button naming for clarity
  • Removed confusing messages when modem in Serial Modem mode
  • Saving configuration more robust
  • Loads configuration from modem every time
  • Added manual disconnect rather than waiting for TCP timeout
  • Improved module detection and corrected AT commands
  • Reduced ERROR responses in serial connection
  • More information on status page in serial connection
  • Removed irrelevant warning message when saving in serial connection
  • Removed information that is irrelevant to the current mode
  • Improved firmware upgrade process



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CSD to IP change from CSD call

Tuesday, 03 December 2013 23:14

The Maxon Intelimax modem has the unique in-built feature of being able to change between modes and configure settings remotely over a CSD call. This is especially useful if you have a modem in the field that you need to remotely configure using remote AT commands or the Intelimax GUI but are currently using CSD to talk to this modem. Using these commands lets you change to an IP connection for easy access to the device over an IP connection. This feature is available from firmware versions 0.1.67 onwards.

It is very important to ensure that you can access your modem once this is done which means either using a static IP address (private IP WAN or similar) or a public dynamic IP address such as telstra.extranet the WAN IP of which can be found via SMS.

Dialing Process
Dial out to the modem via a command line terminal session to your data modem using the data number of the SIM card in the Intelimax. The sting will be as follows: ATDT0400123456. Once the ‘CONNECT’ message has been displayed you are connected.
Intelimax Remote Configuration Commands
The following commands can be used to change the settings of the Intelimax:

  • Unlock the CSD programming interface: program.maxon.unlock=admin:admin
  • admin:admin are the default username and password, if you have changed these update this command with the appropriate values in the order username:password.
  • Update the cellular APN: program.maxon.apn=telstra.extranet
  • Update the CPN username, password and authentication: program.maxon.auth=userid:password:chap/pap/none
  • Change the mode of the modem: program.maxon.mode=1

1- IP Stack Auto mode –auto connect IP
2- IP Stack Manual mode –manual connect IP
3- Serial modem mode –for CSD or when end device controls connection

Apply all the settings and reboot: program.maxon.lock
Once the commands have been received by the modem it will display ‘Modem will reboot now’ and the call will be dropped as the modem reboots:
Once the modem reboots (approximately 2 minutes) if a public dynamic IP address has been used it can be found using the following SMS to the phone number (not data number) of the SIM in the modem:


The Maxon Australia support team has recently received a large number of enquiries about high data usage from Telstra. Bill shock is something that no one likes to we would like to provide some reasons for the data usage and also some things you can do.

What is happening?

Many customers have been experiencing high data usage on their modems. This usage is as high as 2GB in a 24 hour period. Customers have noticed this usage on their Telstra data logs have seen this usage recorded as chunks of 120MB (or 117MB) data, Telstra’s default data block record size.

Why is this happening?

All customers who have experienced high data usage are on the 'telstra.extranet' APN. This APN provides the 3G routers with a public dynamic IP address. Public IP addresses are useful if you need to access your 3G modem remotely, however these addresses are also susceptible to random hack attempts. This is the most plausible reason why the data rates have recently shot up.

How to fix this issue and/or remove the risk of this happening in the future?

Changing to a private IP address is the only sure way to remove the risk of random, sustained hack attempts. This means changing to either the ‘telstra.internet’ APN or using a private IP WAN service such as maXwan. All Maxon modems (except for the Datamax) can be configured via SMS, so if you need to change back to 'telstra.extranet' at any stage this can be easily done.

If you would like to find out more about Maxon’s private IP WAN service, maXwan, please visit, contact Maxon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or on (02) 8707 3000.

Intelimax Firmware Upgrade

Friday, 25 October 2013 00:30
Maxon Australia has released a new firmware (Version 0.1.56) for the Intelimax modem.

The new firmware has the following updates;
  • Support added for remote monitoring and control via the maXconnect portal
  • CSD bug fixes to module firmware
  • Module monitoring
  • Reverting to defaults
  • Reduced boot times
  • LED functionality improved
  • Remote configuration of Dynamic DNS settings
  • Periodic reset of 26 hours
  • SNMPv3 support added
  • Modem emulation functionality
If you would like to know more or register your modems for the upgrade click here

Want to join the Maxon Team?

Wednesday, 09 October 2013 04:08

Maxon Australia is growing and we're seeking to employ a top notch Business Development Manager, for more information click here or if you know of anyone that would be interested have them contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AT over IP now supported by the Maxon Mutlimax

Wednesday, 18 September 2013 04:31

AT over IP allows the user or user equipment to send an AT commands over an IP network to a specific TCP port. Normally a direct connection to the COM Port of the modem is required to send AT command, however this method may not be practical for certain applications. This functionality is very useful for equipment wanting to send SMS messages over the IP network and also in Clear SCADA applications.

Multimax explained in our upcoming webinar

Thursday, 05 September 2013 01:32

Join us September 25 11.00am EST for a technical webinar highlighting our new Multimax Dual Port Router and the upgraded Datamax+.

Click here for more information and to register.

MTEL completed a maintenance run throughout the Far Northern Region. Maintenance runs perform checks on the antenna and transmitter systems, and batteries are replaced in systems were the age of the battery is 4 or more years. 20 sites were visited, nearly all were in excellent condition considering the lashing of two cyclones in the last few years.

In addition 6 sites were upgraded to Wireless Broadband (W2B) front ends. Mt Isa, El Arish, Herberton, Milla Milla, Ravenshoe and Port Douglas. These sites have the new Intelimax modems from Maxon. The site below is Pt Douglas system which is amongst one of the busiest auxiliary system in the state. Read the full story here......

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