SDI-12 is a simple ASCII-based protocol and communications standard, used by a multitude of environmental measurement and monitoring equipment types, including rain gauges, water quality sensors and pressure sensors.

The Smartmax with SDI-12 functionality is a high performance, self-contained, data logger suitable for measuring a number of sensor types. This option coupled with the intelligence of the Smartmax wireless capabilities provides a low-cost alternative for an expensive RTU solution measuring a limited number of sensors.

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Extra Features
  • Smartmax modem with SDI-12 inbuilt capability. 
  • Supports up to 10 sensors with up to 10 measurement types per sensor. 
  • Simple and easy configuration using the web interface. 
  • Configurable sensor, measurement and type identification. 
  • SDI-12 data is stored in CSV format. 
  • Configurable sampling rate. 
  • Built in FTP client with scheduler. 
  • Supports storage of data up to 30 days.