Datamax LoRa(MA100-1020)
Datamax LoRa(MA100-1020)Datamax LoRa(MA100-1020)


Featuring wide ranging connectivity & intelligent track, control & data transmission using LoRa wireless technology - the Datamax LoRa Ethernet router with RS232, WiFi & LoRa functionality is the right choice for
your M2M application. Encased in a robust metal casing, the powerful 4G router has diverse connectivity options including Lora, WIFI, & RS232 to manage your M2M applications over distance as well as high speed. The WiFi connectivity
gives this router local wireless capabilities creating an effective industrial hotspot. Failover between 4G, and fixed-wire WAN or WiFi, makes configuring redundant links easy.Advance these benefits further with LoRa terminal for an all-rounded & intelligent M2M function in LoRa network.

Extra Features

• Rugged and robust form factor
• LoRa connectivity with Australian ISM Band
• Inbuilt Wi-Fi Transceiver
• 4x Ethernet Ports
• Web-based management
• Supports VPN server / client (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN,
• Supports DHCP server / client, firewall, NAT DMZ Host,
URL Filtering, QOS, Traffic statistics, Realtime link
• Supports RS232 or RS484/RS422
• Wide ranging input power
• Supports DDNS
• Supports TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, SMTP*, HTTP, POP3*
QICQ*, TELNET, FTP*, SNMP etc optional
• Auto recovery including online/offline detect and auto
• Supports Firmware over the Air (FOTA) functionality