maXconnect is a cloud based M2M management portal which allows you to access, monitor and control 3G/4G Maxon devices securely.

With maXconnect you can access real-time data from your devices,monitor their status and location. Utilise complete functionality by controlling your devices anywhere, anytime. This one stop portal is an access point to manage your 3G/4G assets securely and remotely.

maXconnect is versatile and can be utilised across a broad range of industries. Below are just some of the applications that represent the various features and benefits of maXconnect;
  • Metering – Monitor modem status, online, offlines, error states in one easy to read dashboard
  • Utilities – Monitor water levels to activate pumps, gates and setup email and sms alerts
  • Oil & Gas – Monitor and control pipeline flows, locate leaks and fractures
  • Mining – Monitor vehicle states, tyre pressure, temperature, fuel levels, oil pressure
  • Environmental – Monitor weather stations, probes and sensors
  • Local Council – Control water sprinklers to maintain fields and gardens and flood lights on sporting ovals
  • Transport & Logistics - Monitor and track your fleet - know their whereabouts at all times

User Friendly Features

  • Log on to maXconnect sercurely through the password protected, SSL Encrypted log in page.
  • Upon log in - view an overview of all your assets via the user friendly dashboard.
  • Inspect your device’s live connectivity status and check it’s attributes.
  • View a geographical overview of individual or grouped devices.
  • Scan a listing of your devices and do a search to locate a device quickly and easily.
  • Group devices by location, function or any logical equivalent suitable to your business.
  • Schedule FOTA upgrades to individual or grouped devices.
  • Monitor & control the status of Digital Inputs and outputs on individual assets.
  • Configure alerts and events for all your devices and set to send to email and/or sms.
  • Ensure your assets are secure. Configure a geo-fence for individual or grouped assets.
  • Select from various chart options and compile and export data for reporting.
  • View compiled data in graphical format.