maXvpn from Maxon Australia is a Virtual Private Network - service. This fully managed VPN solution provides IP connectivity, via the internet, to allow users to remotely access wireless devices within the maXwan network, virtually from anywhere. maXvpn provides VPN tunnel access into maXwan, via an existing internet connection; enabling business’ to remotely monitor and control devices from a central location.


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maXvpn is hosted in an enterprise level data centre and delivers a reliable service boasting quick response times. Together with maXwan and maXconnect providing streamlined management of all your services within a robust, highly secure infrastructure. 

Site-to-Site VPN

Maxon Australia is excited to offer you a brand new service; Site-to-Site VPN.

A Site-to-Site VPN is for connecting a network to maXwan devices, rather than maXvpn which connects a single computer to maXwan devices; therefore, extending the company's network.

Where would you use Site-to-Site VPN?

An example of an application in which Site-to-Site VPN would be ideal is a company that manages various water treatment plants. They require information collected from data loggers via sensors at various sites in NSW and QLD - to be transmitted and made available to several different servers for reporting and monitoring.  Each data logger has a maXwan (Fixed IP address) and is part of a subnet; therefore forming one Site-to-Site VPN.  In the image below one server is allocated to NSW, one server is allocated to QLD and the third server is a back up of all data.  Information from the data loggers is transmitted via a router to the applicable servers and multiple users can access and monitor the data as required. 

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